Road A


Road A is a road car class that has the fastest road cars that are in this class.

Road ClassEdit

Whilst we all salivate over the curves of an Italian sports car, the growl of a V8 engine, or the sublime handling of a highly-tuned GT machine, for most people their love for cars starts with the one parked on the driveway of their house. Whether that’s a hot hatchback, a luxury saloon, or a city runner, Project CARS has a number of vehicles on offer that you’d likely see driving around in your everyday life.

Of course, in Project CARS you’ll get the chance to exploit these to their fullest by taking them out to the virtual track and pushing them to the limit without the usual real-world worries of burning through tires or overheating the brakes ;-) So be sure to check out these great cars that - whilst being more affordable than others - are great fun to drive and the entry point for many potential future race drivers.

Road Class 'A'Edit

In Road Class 'A' there are some of the most fastest cars on the planet from McLaren to the extreme exotics like the W motors Lykan Hypersport.