Project Cars 2
Project CARS 2 Official Logo-770x433
Developer(s) Slightly Mad Studios
Publisher(s) Bandi Namco
Platform(s) Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
Release date(s) September 22, 2017
Genre(s) Racing
Rating(s) Pegi 3/ESRB Everyone

Project CARS 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed Project CARS. The game features 170+ cars, the largest track roster of any console game and the new LiveTrack 3.0 which makes live changes to the track as the race goes on.


  • SMS Kart Championship
  • World Kart Championship
  • Ginetta Junior
  • Ginetta Juniors UK Challenge
  • Ginetta Juniors UK Finals
  • Clio Cup
  • Clio Cup Championship
  • GT5
  • Ginetta GT5 Championship
  • Group A
  • Group A European Championship
  • Group A US Championship
  • Group A Pan America Championship
  • GT4
  • GT4 European Championship
  • GT4 US Championship
  • GT4 Intercontinental Championship
  • Cayman Cup
  • Porsche Cayman European Cup
  • Porsche Cayman US Cup
  • Porsche Cayman International Cup
  • Super Trofeo
  • Lamborghini Super Trofeo Championship
  • DRM Historics
  • Rennsport Revival European Championship
  • Rennsport Revival US Championship
  • Rennsport Revival International Championship
  • RS.01 Trophy
  • Renault Sport RS01 Trophy
  • GT3
  • GT3 German Trophy
  • GT3 UK Trophy
  • GT3 European Championship
  • GT3 World Championship
  • Pirelli WC
  • Pirelli World Challenge

New Features Edit

  • New Cars, now there's 170+ of them!
  • Live Track 3.0
  • New tracks, including Dirt and Ice
  • Online Championships
  • Rallycross, IndyCar, and Oval
  • Esport Ready
  • Updated gamepad controls, and 12k gameplay (PC only)

Cars Edit

There are new cars added to Project CARS, such as IndyCars and Rallycross Cars.

For full list: Project CARS 2/Cars

Tracks Edit

there is a total of 60 tracks and 180 variations in Project CARS 2, the most of any console racing game.

For full list: Project CARS 2/Tracks