The McLaren 12C GT3 was the racing version of the McLaren 12C. It launched in 2011 and competed in the 24 Hours of Spa. It participated in a full racing series in the 2012 FIA GT1 World Championship and it had also started racing in other types of Motorsport.

It had only 493 bhp (368 kW; 500 PS) due to homologation but it had the same 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine as the road version of it.

Its successor is the McLaren 650S GT3.

In-Game specsEdit

Top Speed 291KPH (181MPH)
Horsepower 496 HP
Acceleration (0-100) 3.20 Secs
Braking (100-0) 1.75 Secs
Weight 1295 kg (2854 Lbs)
Torque 584 N-m (431 ft-lbf)
Weight Balance 53/47
Wheelbase 2.68

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