The Aston Martin Racing V8 Vantage GTE is an upgraded version of the Vantage GT2 and it was introduced in 2012. It still uses the same aluminium chassis as the road car and it has around 400 kg less than it.

In 2016, the Vantage GTE had a few changes such as a redesigned splitter to improve airflow under the car. However, its overall shape remains the same.

In-Game specsEdit

Top Speed 301KPH (187MPH)
Horsepower 450 HP
Acceleration (0-100) 3.15 Secs
Braking (100-0) 1.71 Secs
Weight 1225 kg (2701 Lbs)
Torque 500 N-m (369 ft-lbf)
Weight Balance 50/50
Wheelbase 2.60

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